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Audi Model Reviews & Comparisons

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Why Buy an Audi?

In the world today, Audi earned its reputation for building world-class luxury vehicles through hard-fought battles. This automaker has faced everything from lawsuits to mergers to secret engineering to a world war. Through it all, they have risen to the top of the market stronger than ever before, and this gets reflected in the master craftsmanship that they have done. Audi distinguished themselves from Volkswagen when they first introduced the V8 in 1990. Over time, the car company has built up a collection of luxury vehicles that people have grown to love, and if you love luxury cars, going with this brand says yes to luxury.

Audi Has Received Multiple Awards

When it comes to awards, this automaker is no stranger to winning awards for their work, and you find how they have won multiple awards that include:

  • Executive Station Wagon 2017—for the Audi A6 Avant
  • Eurostar 2017—Alejandro Vukotich received honors for his work
  • Family Car of the Year 2017—Awarded for the Audi Q5
  • Golden Classic Car 2017—Won first place for the NSU Ro 80
  • Connectivity Award 2017—Won for having some of the best technology

World-Class Performance

The performance of some of these vehicles far exceeds the expectation, and whether you want to take your Audi for a relaxing Sunday drive or to race it on the track, you have solid performance figures with Audi vehicles. For a long time, Audi has focused on having catlike grace when it comes to speed in its vehicles—to look effortless. The automaker wants its vehicles to display strong performance to make it worth choosing over the other brands. This brand includes plenty of the world-class amenities and technologies to bring its standards up to the executive tier.

Dependable Cars That Last

Whenever you visit the dealership to buy a car, you have dependability as one of the first values on your mind. You want a car that you can depend on. Audi has consistently been the top-ranking European car brand when it comes to dependability rankings. You can find some highly dependable Audi vehicles where you don't have worry if your car will make it into work the next morning.

If you'd like to learn more about the Audi legacy, why not get your information from the experts. At our dealership, we have a crew of knowledgeable and friendly staff fully prepared to help you with getting your next vehicle. Every year, cars have continued to grow in their dependability, which only makes them even more exciting to buy. Especially if you have never enjoyed the luxury that Audi offers, you should visit our location to learn more about it. We'd love to help you.

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