Craftsmanship Never Ages

If you're looking for the high-quality luxury car experience you deserve, you don't have to buy new. A Certified Pre-Owned Audi will bring you all of the incredible German design, performance, and luxurious comforts you'd expect from an Audi vehicle in a more affordable package. 

Browse Audi Rockville's selection of high-quality nearly-new Certified Pre-Owned Audi cars and SUVs available for sale in Rockville, MD.

Dealer Inspection & Limited Warranty

Our team of Audi trained technicians rigorously inspect every inch and detail of our Certified Pre-Owned Audi vehicles. Over 300 components are inspected. The Audi CPO program also backs your Certified Pre-Owned Audi with a Limited Warranty which is more of a badge of honor than just a seal of approval.

  • 15 pre-checks
  • 115 exterior checkpoints
  • 85 interior checkpoints
  • 39 engine compartment checkpoints
  • 36 undercarriage checkpoints
  • 18 road test checkpoints

Audi Certified Pre-Owned Cars for Sale in Rockville, MD

Welcome to the Audi Rockville Certified Pre-Owned page. Here you will find some of our hottest deals that fall in that ideal mix of value and quality assurances. While it may be difficult to appraise the value of a used car on the private market, the technicians at Audi Rockville sort them out for you and provide you with hand-selected favorites. We think that you will fall in love when you try one and will find it hard to walk away from the big discounts on the pricing for something gently used.

Benefits of Buying Audi Certified Pre-Owned Cars

When you buy a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, you have the benefit of driving a car that looks and performs like new while saving thousands of dollars off the list price. These models don't just resemble the brand-new models on the lots, they also have the exact same features or may even be loaded with more luxury options. This is because manufacturers usually do very little to update their models between generations. They may add some new trim tags like LX or limited-edition. But, all in all, you will find that options tend to get more expensive and that the older models perform exactly the same in just about every other form.

We have a variety of colors and models in stock to ensure that you are not just settling on something out of desperation. It is easy for small dealerships to prod you into buying the car they want because they don't give you many options. At Audi Rockville, we set out to impress our customers by maintaining an exclusive stock of vehicles that have no accident damage and relatively low mileage. There is no other way to ensure your ultimate customer satisfaction. We back them with a factory warranty only after receiving approval from Audi USA as a safeguard of independent checks and balances on our assessment. And because they have extended warranty protection, you know that they don't have any hidden problems that will crop up on you a month or week down the road. And when it comes to automobiles, you want something that is running. The most expensive cars are virtually worthless if you can't drive them and enjoy them. Buy an Audi that runs like a champ, not a nightmare and a pile of spare parts.

Reliable Audi Certified Pre-Owned Cars

When you buy Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, you are not just getting any used car. These cars remove the ambiguities regarding the quality through a process of inspections and reconditioning. Our expert factory-trained mechanics know exactly what these cars are supposed to look and feel like on the roads. They will go through an exhaustive checklist to measure every element of wear. If anything is worn prematurely or malfunctioning, they will take care of the issues before putting the vehicle up for sale. We go over these vehicles with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that you do not suffer any unexpected repairs after the sale.

When you are ready to experience the difference between used and Certified Pre-Owned, stop by at Audi Rockville. We put the hard work into producing reconditioned and thoroughly inspected vehicles that are refurbished and ready to drive home. Please call or stop by today for a free comparison test-drive.

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