If there is one thing that all vehicle-owners share in common, it is that they want to keep their automobile running like new, for as long as possible. It is crucial to regularly maintain your Audi in order to increase its lifespan, as well as to keep it functioning optimally. One major aspect of vehicle maintenance is changing the oil. While they may not be glamorous or enjoyable, oil changes are necessary to keep your Audi running like it did that day you first took it out for a test drive.

Here at Audi Rockville, our goal is to provide all our customers with quality customer service that cannot be beat. With this in mind, we would like to provide you with some valuable information regarding your Audi and getting the oil changed. Let's go over some frequent topics of discussion regarding an oil change for an Audi.

Audi "Service Due" Indicator

This light, quite obviously, will indicate when it is time to service your Audi. Typically this is necessary roughly one year from your last maintenance, or every 10,000 miles driven. It is important to note that this light is not the same as a "Check Engine" light, and the fact that it has illuminated does not imply that anything is wrong with your vehicle.

It is also important to note that the "Service Due" indication does not merely refer to an oil change; there are a variety of checks and tests done on your Audi to confirm the status of the vehicle's health. There are tasks necessary at each service interval that are specific to Audi automobiles. Therefore, if it is time to have maintenance performed, we encourage you to visit our Audi Service Center in Rockville so an experienced technician can evaluate your car. Our team works with Audi models daily and can guarantee to keep your Audi at its best. Schedule a service appointment today!

"Oil Minimum" Indicator

This light is also an indication that your Audi needs to be serviced. This light very well may illuminate before your scheduled interval for vehicle maintenance; there is no need to worry. It is not uncommon to require an oil top off prior to your next service due date, as these high-performing cars can run through some extra oil from time to time. Top off your oil when you see this light to avoid any serious damage to your engine as a result of poor lubrication.

Listed below are some typical reasons why your Audi may require more oil before your next service date:

  • During the break-in period, engine oil use is higher for about the first 3000 miles of the vehicle's life.
  • Oil consumption is largely dependent upon personal driving habits and preferences. Aggressive driving and driving in urban environments are examples of what could cause the engine to use more oil.
  • The quality of the oil used will also influence the rate of its consumption.

Conventional or Synthetic Oil?

At Audi Rockville, we always encourage our customers to choose Synthetic oil. You drive an advanced performance car, and it is in your and the vehicle's best interest to take great care of it. There are many different brands of specific types of synthetic oil, and it can certainly be difficult to decide which is best. We welcome you to stop by our dealership at your convenience, and we would be happy to chat about your Audi and how to best take care of it, including which synthetic oil to use. Located at 1125 Rockville Pike, we are proud to have happy customers in Rockville, Washington DC, Silver Spring, and Bethesda, Maryland.


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